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About Me



Hey you, thank you for taking your time to read about my cake journey :)

My name is Kam and I'm the creator of Rawesome cakes.  

Back is 2019 I become a mummy to the most special little girl and from the day she was born I knew that I wanted to give her the best life I possibly can. Once she was old enough to start venturing into the world of food I knew that I wanted her to eat as healthy as possible with no artificial ingredients, minimal refind sugar intake, Organic and as healthy as possible. But I did not want her to miss out on the good, tasty and healthy foods available. That's how I started my healthy cake journey, I wanted my daughter to be able to experience tasty cake that are not filled with sugar and artificial substances. 

I started making the cakes for my friends and family for their special occasions. They were so impressed I wanted to share the tastiest healthy cakes and its from there RAWsomecakes the company was set up and the rest is history.  

Since then I have complited a raw desert traning and hold the qualification of a Raw Pastry chef which enables me to offer a wider varity of healty, tasty cakes. 


Some much time, effort and love is put  into everything cake I make, making the as unique as they are. I wanted to create not just healthy cakes but also cake that is suitable for Vegans, people with Dairy allergies, Gluten allergies, Diabetics, Soy and Egg allergies. I wanted to ensure that people don't have to miss out on cake because of any reason and in doing so I have not compromised on taste or look. Have a look around the website and if there is something you have thought of that you would like to try that you can't see, drop me a message and we can work together to see what we can achieve. I make cakes for any occasion and will happily accommodate your special customised request. 

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